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Hi everyone and welcome to our site! We’re going to jump straight into it and talk about a little-known supplement called Adrafinil. Soooooo, what is it exactly?

Adrafinil is claimed to provide a whole host of benefits to users. Namely gains in energy, mental capacity and other cognitive-related features. How does this differ from caffeine I bet you’re wondering. A common problem with stimulants like caffeine and similar additives, like those found in Redbull is that they stimulate hyperactivity. Obviously, this is undesirable and should be avoided by all… especially if one suffers from ailments like heart problems and such.

A similar product — modafinil — works in a comparable way. A key difference is that adrafinil actually releases modafinil in the body. Users experience with Adrafinil is that it increases in energy… therefore, we recommend users avoid taking either adrafinil or modafinil after midday. We certainly discourage taking either product in the evening as it will hinder sleep. For best results, it is ideal to take either product in the morning. This will ensure energy release throughout the day. This approach also allows the effects to lessen into the evening, letting users have a good night’s sleep without disturbance.

Narcolepsy affects more than three million people world wide. Therefore a popular prescription among medical professionals to their patients includes adrafinil. This supplement is very effective at causing sufferers to stay awake, alleviating symptoms.

Something to consider. Modafinil has a very subtle but important difference to Adrafinil that must not be over looked. Modafinil is not processed by the liver, where as its contemporary is. This makes the former the ideal choice for people who do have liver issues that they need to manage. This allows them to achive most of the benefits of the former without risking further damage to their liver.

How does adrafinil work? Strangely enough, the metabolic path and mechanism is largely unknown. What we do know is that it ends up as modafinil in the body. What’s more… is that we don’t really know how modafinil works either. What we do know is that there is intense research on both compounds. We’re sure definitive information will be available imminently. For now, we can see the results are promising.

How should you use these supplements? Typically, doses are circa 600 milligrams twice per day. Like stated earlier, mornings are the ideal time to take this medicine. At the latest, medication should be taken at lunchtime. 900 milligram doses are possible… but we’d advise against it… especially for people who do have liver and/or renal complications.